Paul Shore is an award-winning author and technology industry veteran, who has worked around the globe. His second book, Uncorked, is an Amazon Best Seller; Winner of the Whistler Independent Book Award for Non-Fiction; and a Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist.

Paul's drive to embrace new challenges has seen him involved in a variety of pursuits. After the software startup he was with in France was acquired by computer chip maker Broadcom in 1999, Paul returned to Vancouver and led the company’s voice-over-internet group for years. Marrying a talent for business with a passion for sport and community, Shore pursued a role in the world of sports and spent an inspiring, and at times physically risky, few years working for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Paul has also regularly dedicated energy to volunteerism, while living in Whistler with his wife and children and exploring the mountains and ocean of the coast.  He is currently writing, and seeking opportunities to apply part of his energy to the Electric Vehicle and Renewable Energy revolutions.


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