A "Why not Try?" Top 10 List

What I Uncorked (learned) this year from writing and self-publishing...


#10.  Being a "struggling artist" is a very real thing!

#9.  Ten people at a book reading is a "huge crowd".

#8.  Five sales at a book reading is a "massive sales event".

#7.  "Don't take 'no' for an answer" applies to this pursuit too!

#6.  What Petanque lacks in world-wide notoriety it makes up for in intriguing quirkiness and charm.

#5.  We all need a dose of France and a glass of red wine from time to time!

#4.  Referring to any art as being "potentially frivolous" can earn a tongue-lashing from a wise cousin.

#3. Each reader who posts a review about being touched by or entertained by your writing, makes the work feel worthwhile all over again.

#2. If you win an award, you are an "award-winning author" ... so say it.


And the #1 thing I learned this year from writing...

#1.  The process is healthy and rewarding in many unanticipated ways... so if you have ever dreamed of writing, WHY NOT TRY?


Happy Holidays,