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Paul Shore is a technology industry veteran and an award-winning author, who has worked around the globe. The founding of PostScript Strategies follows on from Paul's recent pursuit of professional writing and marries his technology business development expertise with passions for clean energy solutions, social sustainability, and education.

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Energy Literacy

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PostScript's first project has been to develop a series of Clean Energy Teaching Modules in cooperation with a BC elementary school. The premise behind the project is that if we teach kids "energy literacy" today, they will become parent-influencers and adopters of clean technology solutions far sooner than we might expect.



We have already discovered that Electric Vehicles are presenting a unique opportunity to serve as a gateway for children to learn about clean energy and renewables! This is because cars are part of most kids' daily lives and many of them already view EVs as being cool and fun. There are features of EVs that naturally resonate with kids as being friendly --- they are quiet, they don't produce smelly exhaust, they don't get hot. Have you ever seen a child hug a car, like it was a family pet? ... our daughter did, after just one test drive!

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A few samples from the teaching modules...



Contact us to find out how this project could be applied in your school or workplace to rapidly improve the energy literacy of children or adults.

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