Teacher Testimonials

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“Students learned so much”

Paul thank you so much for your amazing presentations!  The students learned so much about EVs and renewable energy, and they loved your relatable examples. 

Plus, I especially loved the “MYTH BUSTED” part that dispels some common EV misinformation (how creative). 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jeannette Kwiatkowski - Grade 5/6 Teacher - Whistler, BC



“Changing the world”

Your presentations were AWESOME.  SO much covered and so clearly explained. You are an amazing presenter!!

I really think what you are doing is changing the world - way to go!!  It is getting people thinking in a new way - many people!  The ripple effect is strong.  Thanks for all the time and thought you’ve put into this.

Jane Millen - Grade 5/6 Teacher - Whistler, BC

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